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We can help you meet your fitness and health goals with non-stimulant and stimulant fat burner pills and powder for men and women, including Ambrosia Nomorbidity and One Sol Burn. We will help you choose the best fat burner supplements for your particular situation and goals.


How do fat burners work?

Fat burner supplements are dietary supplements designed to help individuals who are trying to lose weight enhance the body’s fat-burning processes. It’s important to note that these supplements should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise for optimal results. There are several types of fat burner supplements, each with its own set of ingredients and mechanisms of action. Here are some common types:

Stimulant-Based Fat Burners: Caffeine, green tea extract, synephrine, yohimbine. These supplements work by increasing the metabolic rate and promoting the release of adrenaline, which can enhance fat breakdown. Caffeine, for example, stimulates the central nervous system, leading to increased energy expenditure and fat oxidation.

Thermogenic Fat Burners: Capsaicin (from chili peppers), green tea extract, caffeine. Thermogenic fat burners increase the body’s core temperature, leading to a higher calorie expenditure. This process is known as thermogenesis. Some ingredients, like capsaicin, can increase thermogenesis by activating brown adipose tissue, which burns calories to generate heat.

Appetite Suppressants: Glucomannan, 5-HTP, caffeine. These supplements work by reducing appetite, making it easier for individuals to adhere to a calorie-restricted diet. Some ingredients, like glucomannan, expand in the stomach, creating a feeling of fullness, while others, like 5-HTP, may affect serotonin levels, influencing satiety.

Fat Blockers: Chitosan, orlistat. Fat blockers interfere with the absorption of dietary fats, preventing the body from absorbing and storing them within caloric ranges. Orlistat, for example, inhibits lipase enzymes that break down fat in the digestive system, reducing the amount of fat absorbed.

Carb Blockers: White kidney bean extract. Carb blockers may inhibit the digestion of carbohydrates, reducing the absorption of glucose. This can be beneficial for those following a low-carbohydrate diet or aiming to control blood sugar levels.

Cortisol Blockers: Phosphatidylserine, ashwagandha. Cortisol is a stress hormone associated with abdominal fat storage. Cortisol blockers aim to reduce stress-related cortisol levels, potentially decreasing the storage of fat in the abdominal area.

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